IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2

last update June 1st, 2021

Latest Releases

If you are going to run test from now, please use the newest version.
However, in case the test specification and self-test/interop scenario
are updated during your testing with the previous version,
we will accept your application with the results based on the previous
version of the test _within four weeks_ from the update.

Test Specification

Please visit IPv6 Ready Logo Program Web Page.

Test Suite

The Test Suite correspendent to above specificaion is available.
If you want to try it, prepare a FreeBSD/i386 (7.3-RELEASE or higher and 8.X version is recommended) install PC
and install both of TAHI platform and Test scripts listed below.

Interoperability test scenario

Please visit IPv6 Ready Logo Program Web Page.
TAHI IPv6 Interoperability Test Suite "vel" can help you.
"vel" - "Virtual Evaluation Laboratory" - can run the interoperability test semiautomatically.
It makes Interoperability test easy.